Hello world!

06 Apr

Salam and good day peeps…

I JUST LOVE MYSELF so must your guys out there..this is my first and foremost entry…

i just want to talk about myself,my passion and bussiness in this blog…u guys can hope to get the best of both world from me..

my name is fatin syuhaida,i am a very loveable lady…i am currently in the process into quitting my job as a so-called-consultant.

because a few reason…i tired of consulting people…im working my butt off and give all my heart in this work..FYI i’m working 365 days per year

i only take a week leave during Hari Raya…so u guys can imigined how tired i am being such a good tak ikhlas employee to my Boss..

so i have decided to quit my job because i always do thing as i want it to be…my life Motto:EMBRACE YOUR LIFE(ala-ala Oprah gitu).

i am a Malay…but i am going to write mostly in English berangan lebih because i love English so much…i even majoring in English Literature at UPM..i am a part time student though…

i am currently living in Bentong and Ampang…try to divide my time equally between those two happening cities…but i am more comfy in Bentong…because  it my mom’s place because i love her so much  (yg lg syiok nye bila dok situ tak yah buat keje umah n masak).

i am currently 21…aging fabulously…not so tua la right…

i am a soon-to-be extremely successful intreprenuer…in my clothing line

i am so passionate when it come about english(kalo ada mende2 nak tnye pasal english,u guys can always ask me) i am tutoring english nowadays.

i just hope i can make friends through this blog…

P/S:my biggest dream is to become a Billionaire

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