09 Apr

u guys can assume this is the entry to promote ‘my english tutor’ course..

as all of u guys know i am the tutor for this program in Bentong..i am teaching level 1 right now.

there are 8 student in my class their ages varies from 9 years old until 20 years old..

this course is in a small scale group as i am tutoring not teaching.

it is very essential to learn Language in a small group rather than a larger group..

i am indeed really happy with my work because i can guide them one-to-one

i hope i can make them love English the way i do.

English is indeed is a very vital communication skill in todays world

take me for instance,i did not gain my Degree yet…but because of my skill in English i was able to make money out of it.

well,some of you might think English is hard,troublesome or what so ever la…

but when you tend to love and get to know English i ensure u will get addicted to it.

try…watch more english drama and movie just for leisure and fun…without any intention to learn English out of it…because once u had that intention(niat) your mind will focus on that until u will become so stress.

so my advice is just watch it for fun.

read more English novel for fun…just try..u are not going to be dead just because u read English book.

it u come across the words that u do not understand…PLEASE CONTINUE READING….and try to guess the meaning of that word…that is the reason why u must continue reading…don’t forget to underline the word…one u had finished reading the book…u can continue searching the meaning of those words which u didn’t understand…

why did I ask u guys to check the dictionary after u finished reading…I just one u guys to finish the book faster…otherwise u might take months or even a year to finish one book if u must refer to dictionary everytime u discover new words.

so just watch,read and think in English…i promise u these method work…believe me la…



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