29 Jul


Once again I’m tendering…I had submitted my resignation letter on 26th July 2012…as I already received another offer from another company,as usual I will not reveal the company name as per this moment as I am still waiting to sign the contract with them,but I hope it is going to be a better place to work for me.I really2 and truly hope this job will open a new opportunity and possibilities….Certain People might thing why do u have to Jump from one company…becoz a better offer from them…seriously I am sad to leave my current job…bcoz i have THE BEST TEAM EVER…WE ARE LIKE FAMILY HOKEY…but sorry guys…at least i know i left u guys in a better place n condition..its tear me apart when the day approaching…the day for me to left u guys…I LOVE U GUYS…i never felt this way…felt like crying rite now…TO our Mum Jocelyn…u are the best boss ever….U rocks!!!…to Sha…thanks for becoming the best Kak Long EVER!!!…to Mui…sayang kat Mui a lot ok…a Aiman…Best of luck for your future…I hope u found what u are looking for….I LOVE U GUYS…A LOT….FEEL LIKE HUGGING U GUYS…N WANT TO KEEP U GUYS IN MY POCKET…can ar?

our gediks team will remain the same hope to see u guys soon and keep in touch…in tears~

lot of love from Syuhaida..

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