31 Jul

Teacher is indeed a very noble profession…a very klise line rite…for me..a lot….like a lot of people always give opinion for me to become a teacher… seriously so stress out…I DONT WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER…the reason being is that i dont want to be a typical youngster that become a teacher as they do not have any other career option…PLEASE….all this while..ENGLISH IS MY PASSION…nobody can deny that…I teach in tuition centre…i open my tuition own class because i love english so much..I am so passionate about it…so please dont..please dont force me to do something that I dont want….I tend to cry whenever i tell people about how much I love English…that is I believe a valid reason and proof for other to see how passionate I am towards English..and for those youngster that choose to become a teacher as it is your last option…please ikhlaskan yourself…bcoz if you dont u are going to lash out the anger towards your student…pity them..As far as Im concern if I can choose who can become a teacher or not…I will choose passionate person…thats it…Please dont pilih kasih..please dont become a basi teacher…this is just my personal opinion as I know how its feel to not become a teacher’s pet.

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