30 Oct

today i  going to give a rebiew about this book

Seriously when i started to read this book i though I’m never going to like it, i was just like,ya ya fatin just read it for the sake of English (hahahah), then when i started reading it, indeed the story just getting better n better, after a while this is a book which i am very much want to read it off ASAP, This story is about Elizabeth, a teacher, English teacher indeed, who struggle through her upbringing; she always being compared to her sister who is much prettier n skinnier than her by their parents, but she never take it as an excuse not to love her sister and not to succeed, it just that she cant help to have a low self- esteem because of it,

Ye la tiap2 kali balik kampung je kena banding macam2 ngan mak ayah, pasal badan gemuk la muka tak cantik la tak ada boifren la semua bagai,semua nak banding mana la aelizabeth tu tak bengang tak sedih,ce kalo korang yg kena mau berkoyan air mata nangis mengenang nasib,ye dak,eh apehal aku teremo tetibe ni, apakah…

but seriously u guys should read this book,sangat2 seronok n interesting…

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