Assalamualaikum…menyatakan hasrat

19 Jan

hari ni aku nak menyatakan hasrat…my long life dream is to open a Tuittion centre, I’m writing this post not to brag, it just that i just got back from shop hunting, rite now aku rasa takut……seriously rasa takut yg amat sangat…thats the reason i am soooo afraid write now, I’m afraid with the idea of opening and managing the business, this is my long life dream guys…what if i fuck up,…right now what i feel is that i kindda nervous and there is butterflies in my stomach,

Sekarang ni aku rasa apa yg patut aku buat ialah, pasti kan aku ada proposal business dule, make sure i have a plan, thats is the major concern rite now.

another thing yg aku takut ialah aku kena benti keje if i want to it …tensen nye…takut gagal….seriuosly guy…what should i do

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