Book Review – Conversation with Mahathir Mohamd

27 Jan

mesti korang terkejutkan tengok aku baca buku ni, hahahah, sentap tibe2 fatin baca buku serius,no la guys, it just that i dont want to brag(tapi bukan sekarang ni ko tengah brag ke fatin?)

Kidding guys, well im reading this book because i just love reading i love reading all sort of genre, papan tanda pon aku baca kot kalo kat dalam kereta n its happen that im not the one driving at that moment.

Buku Mahathir












I still reading this book actually, but i like it eventhough i feel like the author, cakap banyak sangat, ye la dah buku die kan nak buat mcm mane , niat aku beli buku ni plak nak dengar Dr.M cakap je sebb his style of language, art of public speaking is SuperB to me, as for Dr.M the way he explain and answer the author question in this book actually is intriguing, sebb its going to make us understand all of his action while he still a prime minister, interesting, lagi satu this book is going to make u guys thinking, sebb seriously when i was reading this book kita kena kaitkan conversation tu dengan todays world especially in politik.Other than that this book I seriously think , worth it to buy for us to tambah knowledge and buat u guys think creatively. This is my opinion, tak ada kena mengena ngan mana2 parti politik ok, just a humble insight of this book from a person who like to read.

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