cust service cam haram

12 May

Baru2 ni aku mengamuk kat one of the bank cust  service, seriously..aku time tu rasa cam nak cekik je dieorg

dah nasib dieorg nak kena maki ngan aku, aku tak penah kot maki org especially cust service because i know how they felt, but that company policy is ridiculous.Previously also i had closed my acc with them but have to open a new acc since my salary for the new company masok kat situ…

tapi service dieorg tetap cam haram, no wonder my father dulu pon move out the company acc to other bank, they are indeed very well known as a bank which cocky and arrogant staff.Aku memg pantang betul, tengok org layan org kuang ajar ni…dah la kalo kat branch…kalo org2 kampung yg datang ko perlekeh lekeh kan je…ni cust service hotline ko pon sama.silap org la brader, dah la aku dah lama sabar ngan korang…

nak jadi cerita time aku get in touch ngan dieorang baru ni aku demam…memag sedap la kan ko dapat complaint free dari aku…abis cite tok nenek aku ungkit…stress aku ngan korang,..nama kan main gah kat malaysia ni…iklan kat TV bgtau ada kat oversea bagai….customer ko kat malaysia ni poon tak terjaga…sibuk nak iklan  pasal a tiger is watching out for u la…when u are abroad.,,,but no worries guys…i tak maki depan or over the phone…because i still have heart…i just send an email…a very long one to complaint…and they already revert to me…we will see what happen then…are they able to answer my question on not….or still i have to walk in to the nbranch..

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