Book Review – Teohlogy

16 Jun

Seriously guys Im in the midst of finishing my assignment…super duper busy…but still.. for u guys…i willing to sacrifice my assignment…nampak tak ayat nak menyalahkan korang…but still guys…i want to review this book

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YUP…. I truly want to know what come acroos your mind once you saw the cover…this book korang boleh nampak kan sapa author die…I bought this book for quite sometimes, but didn’t get the chance to finish it up…seriously it is a fun and entertaining book  to read….this book basically tell u guys about how malaysian tend to behave…most of true…it is a sinis and menyindir type of book…really and truly will open up your perspective…through out this book korang akan keep repeating..keep cakap…aah, betul la…yup2 betul2…read it up guys…then u will know.

I purchase this book firstly because of the cover and I know Patrick Teoh as a comedian…funny guys….give yourself a chance to laugh…wouldn’t hurt rite guys..

adios amigos

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